Psychic Phone Readings

1 Hour by Phone
Cost: $80.00 USD
Appointment required.
Call: (786) 307-5575

Psychic Readings are intuitive sessions where I use my intuition, along with other tools like my personal Tarot cards, to tune into your vibes. 

My name is Ayessa. I am a natural empath and healer, sensitive to energy fields. I can help you with questions about your life purpose, relationships, career, finances, family, and health.

My goal is to provide you with clarity and guidance to help you reach new heights and live a happier life. 
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Remote Energy Clearing Sessions

Duration: 1 Hour, by Phone
Cost: $129.99 USD
Appointment required.
Call: (786) 307-5575

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I am energy, you are energy, everything is energy! These sessions are aimed at clearing blockages and negative energies at a subconscious, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

If you are feeling stuck or with heaviness and wish to improve the quality of your personal life, your love life, find a new job, or open the door to material abundance and spiritual prosperity, this energy clearing session is for you.

The sessions can be done over the telephone because we work with subtle energies that operate at any distance.